Friday, June 28, 2013

Analytics: Stats that Look Deep into Keshi's Eagles

There are a few statistics that help us take a deeper look at Keshi's Super Eagles as we seek to better understand his team. I briefly put forward those statistics from his 28 games (full internationals). It is important to note that games that we have classified as full internationals are those in which foreign-based internationals were not exempted by both teams or competitive games against FIFA member countries. Thus, the game against Catalunya, for instance, is not counted here. Here are some notes:

Three wins (Venezuela, I/Coast, Mali), two draws (Zambia, Mexico), and four losses (Egypt, Peru, Uruguay, Spain).

Here we break down the statistics into four time slots (Early first half /EFH; Late First Half/LFH; Early Second Half/ESH, and Late Second Half/LSH). The statistics here is revealing. Nigeria has conceded a pile of goals late i.e in the LSH. Consider that if you take away three goals scored by Nigeria against Tahiti in the ESH, Nigeria would be barely breaking even in this time slot! Here is the data:

EFH = 12 goals for - 3 against = +9
LFH = 10-5 = +5
ESH = 8-4 = + 4
LSH = 14-11 = +3

In the opening first half, Nigeria has done quite well conceding only to Spain, Mexico, and Liberia with both Spain and Liberia scoring within the first five minutes.

The team has been averaging more than one caution in each game! To date, the accumulation is 1 red card and 39 cautions. The high was five cautions received in the international friendly against Cape Verde. The rate of cautions per game is 1.39 cautions.

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