Saturday, October 18, 2014

Interrogating Shuaibu Amodu's Performance Statistics

Last week, Shuaibu Amodu was again asked to manage Nigeria's national team. For the second time, he is asked to rescue Nigeria and earn qualification to the finals of the Cup for African Nations finals. He had previously achieved the feat in getting to the 2002 World Cup finals. This time, he has to win two games to confirm his status as "Nigeria's saviour."

What we do here is provide the reader with a reminder of Shuaibu Amodu's statistical record as Nigeria's national coach. He tutored under the great Alabi Aisien and then coached at BCC Gboko under James Peters. Amodu then made his name at the club level where he won four Nigerian FA Cups in a space of six years with both BCC Lions of Gboko and El Kanemi Warriors of Maidugri and then won a continental trophy with BCC.

Shuaibu Amodu's coaching efficiency in competitive games is outstanding compared to any Nigerian national coach, except Augustine Eguavoen who coached just 12 such games compared to Amodu's 36! Importantly, he holds the Nigerian record of coaching the national team to six consecutive victories in competitive games, including away games. That record is stunning considering that the national team's efficiency record is less than 0.50 in away games! His record is shown in the table below.

***NOTE: Efficiency is calculated using a formula where actual number of points obtained is divided by the maximum number of points obtainable. An efficiency record of .33 is often considered adequate. A .33 is obtained when a team draws all three games in a 3-game set.

If you wish to compare his statistics to those of other top Nigerian coaches then click below:
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